Learn Brazilian Embroidery With These Kits

Posted by Patricia Milks on

Learn Brazilian Embroidery with these kits for beginners to advanced. Kits include printed fabric, threads, needles and complete, detailed instructions. We just added over 50 different designs. Both small and large projects. Browse our entire selection HERE.

Brazilian Embroidery is a highly textured, dimensional embroidery that uses a variety of stitches to create floral and floral-related designs. What really sets Brazilian Embroidery apart from other types of surface embroidery is the use of specific threads. Brazilian Embroidery is always done with rayon embroidery floss, which is a z-twisted floss with a very high sheen. It is called “Brazilian” embroidery because the use of high-sheen rayon thread in embroidery was first popularized in Brazil, where rayon was widely manufactured.

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