New Cross Stitch Pattern Series Coming in February!

Posted by Patricia Milks on

JACK FROST'S TREE FARM: A new cross stitch pattern series by Little House Needleworks coming soon in February 2019. A 7-part series. The designs can be stitched individually or stitched to create one design that contains seven sections as in previous Little House series. If you wish to stitch all of the designs together the entire finish will measure 183 stitches wide by 173 stitches high or 12-1/8” x 11-1/2” on 30 count linen. The wide design sits at the top and is centered if stitching all seven on a whole cloth. The remaining six designs are 59 stitches square and sit in two rows beneath part number one, three designs to a row. Leave three empty stitches beneath design one and three empty stitches between the squares in the rows.

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